Office De Architectura* team has international work experience with projects ranging from small pavilions, private houses to bus stations and huge commercial districts. 

Our clients usually have particular needs and are looking for solutions to unique or unknown problems. Solving these specific challenges sometimes means going beyond the traditional architectural work. For our clients, we have organised a 12-hour interview marathon, worked on a digital online exhibition design, created a public event on a roof of an abandoned hotel, curated and co-curated exhibitions. If possible, we always question the brief and try to discover the underlying needs of the clients. To tackle the unknown we often expand our team with people from our professional network of landscape architects, sociologists, historians and artists.

*Office De Architectura translated from Latin means Office On Architecture.


Jautra Bernotaitė – M.Arch. – studied at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Valencia University of Technologies.

Andrius Ropolas – M.Arch. on Urban Projects, Urban Cultures (magna cum laude) – studied at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Sint Lucas Brussels/KU Leuven and University of Tokyo.

Paulius Vaitiekūnas – M.Arch. – studied at Vilnius Academy of Arts.


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Gedimino g. 43, Kaunas 44240, Lithuania