Exhibition ‘Mofu 360/365’

Curator: Viltė Migonytė-Petrulienė
Architects: Office De Architectura
Graphic design: autoriai
Installation: Simonas Šidlauskas
Team: Modernizmas ateičiai
Photos: Dovaldė Butėnaitė Photography
Year: 2022

The creation of a speculative Architecture Center in the Central Post Office of Kaunas was a symbolic architectural statement we made for the opening of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022. It suggested a potential future for the highly preserved modernist heritage. In this newly imagined folly-institution, we designed the “MoFu 360/365” exhibition which was displaying artistic interpretations of the modernist architectural heritage. It was one of the major exhibitions of Kaunas 2022 alongside Marina Abramovic, William Kentridge and Yoko Ono.

This exhibition was a unique opportunity for us to work with this highly protected building and discuss its potential future. The bold use of the cheapest white foam in the exhibition architecture was a provocation of the possible undesired future of modernist heritage. A material usually used to create imitations here was used as a centrepiece for the annotations and showcasing of exhibition models.

The gentle rearrangement of the main Operation Hall is a bow to the architect of the building Feliksas Vizbaras. In the spirit of the original project we tried to continue the development and make radical transformations invisible – the main space of the building had to look different yet familiar like it was always like this.

The exhibition received a flock of visitors. Our newly designed access ramp allowed differently-abled people probably for the first time to have a barrier-free encounter with the historical interiors.