Exhibition ‘University People‘

Team: Office De Architectura
Sculptor: Gediminas Pašvenskas
Client: Vilnius University
Project concept: autoriai
Photo: Dovaldė Butėnaitė
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Year: 2021

Exhibition of the most prominent Lithuanian photographer in the XVI century courtyard of the oldest university in the Baltic states. 

‘University People’ is a project conceived to reveal an important relationship between a mentor and a student. In this exhibition works of legendary Antanas Sutkus are accompanied by the photography of his younger fellow Artūras Morozovas. Situated in the biggest historic courtyard of Vilnius University, the exhibition became a welcoming sign for new students, professors and honourable university guests.

We envisioned a discrete and restrained architectural approach complementing the existing rich environment and amplifying photography. The least what was necessary and the most what we needed was to create plain white surfaces. And we did just that. Filling every arch with a new slightly elevated surface. By adding a new layer we started connecting new photography with old wall paintings and marble plates. University people from the XVI century were fluidly connected with university people from XX and XXI centuries.