Lithuanian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

Program: Pavilion, lecture series
Team: Curators: Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Commissioner: Pippo Ciorra, Assistant Curators: Jautra Bernotaitė, Andrius Ropolas, Kristupas Sabolius, Indrė Umbrasaitė, Paulius Vaitiekūnas, Research coordinator: Nikola Bojić, Project Ambassador: Julija Reklaitė, Project Manager: Mindaugas Reklaitis, Production Coordinators: Adelė Dovydavičiūtė, Indrė Ruseckaitė, Alessandro Zorzetto, Marco Scurati, Editors: Jonathan Crisman, Mariel Villeré, Proofreading: Carolyn Shea, Designer: NODE Berlin Oslo, Manual designer: Anna Haas, Web development: Marco Land, Fashion design: Sandra Straukaitė, Gailė Pranckūnaitė, Communication: AUTORIAI (Giedrė Šileikytė) and Marta Atzeni, Producer: Architektūros Fondas (Sandra Šlepikaitė), Presented by: Lithuanian Council for Culture
Type: Commission
Location: Venice, Italy
Client: Architecture Fund
Year: 2018
Photos: Norbert Tukaj

As part of Freespace, the 16th Venice International Architecture Biennale, Lithuania presented a pavilion titled The Swamp School, curated by Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas, commissioned by Pippo Ciorra, presented by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and produced by the Architecture Fund.

Office De Architectura partners Jautra Bernotaitė, Andrius Ropolas and Paulius Vaitiekūnas have contributed to the project as assistant curators.

Being a project of imagination and nonmaterial architecture, the Swamp Pavilion was conceived as an open work, a continuous, unfinished, and networked process, freely unfolding in space and time. It was both produced and performed by overlapping tools and geographies: a lecture series in Lithuania called Hello World?; global expeditions of slimy cultures; the Manual that functions as a script for the workshops of the Swamp School, where more than 100 international architects, artists, scientists, philosophers and anthropologists will gather to perform possible variations of the Pavilion’s configurations; all building toward publication of the book Swamps and the New Imagination.