Lozoraičio pre-gymnasium

Competition team: Office De Architectura
Project development team: Office De Architectura, Be Live
Exterior visuals: Noisy Owls
Status: Competition 1 prize
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Client: Vilnius City Municipality
Area: 12 000 m²
Year: 2023

Creating a 12 000 m² size building in a neighbourhood of residential houses is already a big task. But his project is not just about the building – we are creating an entire environment for the children and the community. By starting from the environment point of view, we suggested a network of intermediate scale green spaces between school and the residential houses. The trees, tall bushes, and other landscape objects serve not only as a recreational space but also as three-dimensional elements creating a gradual change of scale from the private yard to the school. Entire south part of the site is designed as always open public park while the middle of the site is designated to the school.

We broke down the school to different connected volumes – the school, entrance hall, sports hall, intermediate space and a swimming pool. Inside we suggested several different experience spaces running through the height of the school.

This school is designed having in mind a suburban context and offers so much needed public exchange spaces and experiences outside and inside the school in a gated and highly private environment.