MKC Concert Centre

Program: Concert and conference center
Team: De Architectura (Jautra Bernotaitė, Andrius Ropolas, Paulius Vaitiekūnas) + Linas Ulickas + Simper
Type: Competition
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Client: Kaunas Municipality
Area: 12 000 m²
Year: 2017

Water can be fought or embraced. We choose latter.

In a competition for a new concert hall in Kaunas, on the shore of the biggest river in Lithuania we proposed a floodable building. Soft natural landscape and hard industry are the key elements of the left bank of the Nemunas. These contradictory qualities mixed together can offer a unique spatial experience in the city. A contact with the river here could be both natural and artificial, it can be both space for urban activities and wild nature getaway. By embracing floods, a landscape and a cityscape would be always changing and different depending on the seasons. Concert center is not designed as a building; it is designed as a public space. This approach offers an incredible variety of views, spaces and experiences throughout the building.