Zooetics pavilion

Program: Pavilion
Pavilion concept: Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas, Tracey Warr, Viktorija Šiaulytė
Pavilion architecture: Jautra Bernotaitė, Paulius Vaitiekūnas
Year: 2015-ongoing

Mycomorph Laboratory has been conceived as part of the exhibitions Psychotropic House: Zooetics Pavilion of Ballardian Technologies, organised by artists Gediminas & Nomeda Urbonas. It is part of Zooetics, a cross-disciplinary exploration of future environmental fiction and models. ‘Zooetics’ is a word in progress to explore new ways of engaging human knowledge and research with other forms of life and to imagine designs, prototypes and interfaces for future interspecies ecologies. The Zooetics Pavilion draws inspiration from the short stories found in Vermilion Sands (1971), a science fiction book by the English author J. G. Ballard that imagines a world where technological devices are alive and sentient, a world where houses, for example, are capable of responding to the emotional states of their inhabitants. Work investigates how relations between life and non-life, human and non-human, may be on the one hand unknowable, remaining unmapped by existing cartographies of knowledge, and yet at the same time necessary and unavoidable. The Zooetics Pavilion thus calls for new forms of aesthetic and scientific imagination.

The installation was presented in XII Baltic triennial, CAC, Vilnius 2014; 32nd Bienal de São Paulo, São Paulo 2015; Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Krakow 2015

More information and video recordings can be found at www.zooetics.net